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Serving Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Middlesex County & Norfolk County

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

As one of Massachusetts’ top-rated commercial and residential lawn and landscape services, Indresano Landscaping specializes in spring and fall clean-ups.  We pride ourselves on providing more personalized service so that we get to know each client and their property as well as we know our own.  Our experienced crews of lawn and landscape service technicians are attentive down to the smallest of details.

No matter what season or time of year it is, we are diligent about watching for potential signs of damage to your lawn, ornamentals, shrubs, and trees.  Should any issues be discovered, we will take the appropriate measures needed to resolve them before they become a costlier problem.  Whether you own commercial or residential property, there is always a need for preventative care and maintenance.  Indresano Landscaping can customize a spring and fall clean-ups package that is tailored to your property’s needs.

We Maintain Your Property

One of the ways that business owners and homeowners can maintain their property all year long is with one of our customizable seasonal maintenance programs.  These programs were designed to cost-effectively care for your property with the following maintenance measures:

  • eco-friendly lawn care

  • horticultural pruning

  • insect control

  • irrigation service

  • lawn mowing

  • mulching

  • power-edging

  • shrub and tree fertilization

  • spring and fall clean-up

  • weed control

Whether you own commercial or residential property, our spring and fall clean-ups will not only enhance its appearance, it could add tens of thousands of dollars to its value in the long run.


Why not inquire about one of our seasonal maintenance packages today?

Spring Clean-Up Services

The winters in Massachusetts can be brutal yet they are always different from one year to the next.  The cool, overcast, and oftentimes damp pre-spring weather along with the snowmelt create some very unique conditions that need to be addressed immediately.  No matter how much clean-up was done in the fall, there will always be issues that arise over the winter that need to be dealt with come springtime.  And that is where one of our Indresano Landscaping seasonal maintenance programs can help.


Spring house cleaning implies the challenges of outdoor clean-up as well.  The best way to remove all the debris that has accumulated during winter is with an Indresano Landscaping seasonal maintenance program.  As part of our spring clean-up duties, we will sit down with you to discuss what you need and customize a maintenance plan that is tailored to the needs of your property and stays within your budget.  As your one-stop lawn and landscaping maintenance service, we’ve got you covered year-round.

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Fall Clean-Up Services

Our fall clean-up services involve many of the same tasks as the ones we perform in spring.  Debris such as branches and leaves are thoroughly removed during the process. These programs keep your property in tip-top shape and is the ideal way to have your lawn ready for the coming winter. As the growing season comes to a close, you must remain vigilant about another issue that could adversely affect the health and looks of your property – disease and fungus.


Most diseases will winter over in any infected plant debris on your property.  Mycelium, spores, and some reproductive plant structures can survive in dead branches, leaves, and the soil.  As a spring and fall clean-ups specialist, Indresano Landscaping can minimize the amount of fungal materials that winter over on your property by removing all this debris before the first snowfall of the year.  This is just another one of the many lawn care and landscaping services that we provide our customers. Irrespective of the fact whether the job is small or large, we give it equal consideration and care. We genuinely care about our job and our mission is to ensure quality landscaping services.

Why Indresano Landscaping?


Is a professional landscaping company that has been proudly serving the Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Middlesex County, & Norfolk County since 1959 celebrating over 50 YEARS of great quality and service. We serve both residential and commercial properties. We are family owned and operated by Virgil and Joe Indresano with a knowledgeable hardworking staff.

Indresano Landscaping has been working with homeowners for generations and we are family owned and operated. An owner is present on all job sites constructing and maintaining a beautiful yard for your family and friends to enjoy within your budget. Don’t trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower. We are licensed and insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise.


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