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Serving Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Middlesex County & Norfolk County

Weekly Lawn Care

and Maintenance

There is no lawn in Massachusetts that doesn’t benefit from weekly lawn maintenance. Indresano Landscaping specializes in the care and maintenance of commercial and residential properties.  For the commercial property owner, a green, healthy lawn tells customers, employees, and other visitors that you care about appearances and offer high-quality products and services.  For homeowners, a beautiful, lush lawn is inviting and gives you peace of mind knowing you’re home.

Our Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

From laying sod to renovating lawns, we are your Massachusetts landscaping and hardscaping specialists.  With our lawn care and maintenance services, we’ve got you covered year-round.  The key to our weekly lawn maintenance services is our ability to customize a plan that takes your geographical location, local climate, and the type of lawn you have.  

Our lawn care and maintenance services include:

  • Core Aeration

  • Fertilization

  • Grub Control

  • Lawn and Pest Control

  • Mosquito and Tick Control

  • pH Balancing and Lime

  • Power Seeding

  • Shrub and Tree Care

  • Weed Control

If you’re tired of not getting to relax on the weekend because you have to mow and trim your lawn or because there is always another yard project waiting for you, it’s time to call Indresano Landscaping.


It’s never been easier to enjoy a greener, healthier lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

Nothing detracts from the appearance of a neighborhood street like an unkempt yard, and you sure don’t want it to be yours.  With our weekly lawn maintenance, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:​

  • Aesthetics / Appearance – it goes without saying that a lush, well-cared for lawn is aesthetically pleasing. We are committed to creating beautiful lawns and teaching you how to keep it looking great year-round.

  • Better Air Quality – a well-maintained lawn area measuring 50’ by 50’ can supply a family of 4 with enough oxygen to meet their daily needs.  Hiring a professional lawn care service is good for the environment.

  • Better Soil Quality – healthy lawns prevent erosion and the loss of topsoil. The best way to ensure that your lawn and topsoil stay healthy is by hiring our weekly lawn maintenance services.

  • Better Water Quality – a healthy lawn will absorb 4 to 6 times more rainfall than a lawn that is neglected. Indresano Landscaping can show you how to decrease run-off and return that water to the water table.

  • Home Value – home appraisers estimate that a well-manicured lawn can add up to 7% to your property’s value plus it helps to keep your home cooler when your lawn is being cared for by weekly lawn maintenance services.

  • It Will Save You Money – you might be wondering how paying for lawn care services actually saves you money.  When you think about what you would spend on chemicals, equipment, and other lawn care products, you’ll quickly see the savings that we provide.

  • Less Physical Labor and Strain – lawn maintenance can be labor intensive, especially for older homeowners.  If you’re struggling with an illness or suffer with mobility issues, Indresano Landscaping will alleviate that burden and keep your lawn looking great.

  • No Accidental Damage to Your Lawn – if your lawn care knowledge is limited, you could seriously damage your lawn by cutting it too short, over-watering it, or not watering it enough.  This won’t happen when you hire our lawn maintenance services.
  • Noise Reduction – in addition to all the other benefits above, neighborhoods with thick, healthy lawns tend to be much quieter than communities that are primarily made up of asphalt and concrete.

Why Indresano Landscaping?


Is a professional landscaping company that has been proudly serving the Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Middlesex County, & Norfolk County since 1959 celebrating over 50 YEARS of great quality and service. We serve both residential and commercial properties. We are family owned and operated by Virgil and Joe Indresano with a knowledgeable hardworking staff.

Indresano Landscaping has been working with homeowners for generations and we are family owned and operated. An owner is present on all job sites constructing and maintaining a beautiful yard for your family and friends to enjoy within your budget. Don’t trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower. We are licensed and insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise.


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