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Lawn and Soil Aeration

Just like with human beings, the basic idea behind lawn and soil aeration is that they both need air to breathe.  One of the many services that Indresano Landscaping offers is lawn and soil aeration.  Lawn and soil aeration involve dealing with “thatch”, organic matter that has accumulated around the base of grass plants. It is a mixture of compacted soil as well as crowns, roots, and other dead and live plant matter. Thatch build-up makes it difficult, if not impossible for your lawn and soil to breathe.


We recommend aerating your lawn and soil in the fall and spring in order to combat and control thatch build-up. In superficial cases, the lawn aeration process can be a simple matter of poking holes in the ground. However, this will not suffice if the thatch is very dense. In these cases, core aeration (see below) is required. Although Indresano Landscaping will provide your lawn and soil aeration services, you should give your lawn a deep raking in the fall to remove as much of the thatch as possible.

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Aeration Considerations

Another benefit of aeration is that it helps to break up soil that has compacted over time due to constant foot traffic.  This allows air, fertilizer, and water to permeate the roots.  For northern area lawns with cool weather lawns such as Kentucky bluegrass, aerating in the fall is the recommended course of action.  Conversely, you’ll want to aerate warm weather grasses such as Bermuda grass in springtime. Generally speaking, aerating in fall or spring should be fine.

Canine vs. Human Foot Traffic

​The reality about lawns is that they are constantly being trampled on by dogs and people.  However, feet and paws do not treat your lawns the same way.  For instance, when we run or walk, our weight shifts from heel to toe and creates compaction issues.  On the other hand, a canine’s front claws have the tendency to dig in, tearing up the turf as they run.  Furthermore, dogs characteristically establish pathways in your lawn by pacing through the same areas of your lawn over and over again. As a result, the soil gets compacted and reduces root growth by slowing down water penetration. 

Types Lawn and Soil Aeration

Lawns are a key component of your landscaping because they are multifunctional.  We enjoy our lawns because they’re aesthetically pleasing.  However, we also see them as makeshift pathways and patios as well as our children’s playgrounds.  Unfortunately, all that foot traffic tends to compact your lawn and the soil beneath it.  Consequently, this creates a lawn with poor drainage.

Indresano Landscaping performs the following two types of aeration to keep your lawn looking beautiful and prevent compaction from getting out of hand:

  • Aerovating – for the more severe soil compaction cases, a machine equipped with vibrating tines is used to effectively break up compacted soil.  It is most effective for lawns that are exposed to extremely dry weather and low humidity.  However, if you live in area where the soil is characteristically moist, core aeration is recommended.

  • Core Aeration – also referred to as “core plugging”, core aeration is the most common lawn aeration method. This type of aeration breaks up compacted soil and enables air to get to the plant roots.  With this method, soil plugs and leaves lying on your lawn are removed by an aerating machine.  Be sure that you mark any sprinkler heads to ensure they aren’t damaged when Indresano Landscaping is aerating your lawn and soil.

Fall is the recommended season for lawn and soil aeration, although it can be done at any point in time between spring and fall.  A word of caution – core aeration leaves little soil plugs (that remind you of small dog poops) on the surface.  Don’t pick them up as they will dissolve within a couple of weeks. For additional information regarding lawn and soil aeration or any of our other landscaping services, call Indresano Landscaping at your earliest convenience.

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Why Indresano Landscaping?


Is a professional landscaping company that has been proudly serving the Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Middlesex County, & Norfolk County since 1959 celebrating over 50 YEARS of great quality and service. We serve both residential and commercial properties. We are family owned and operated by Virgil and Joe Indresano with a knowledgeable hardworking staff.

Indresano Landscaping has been working with homeowners for generations and we are family owned and operated. An owner is present on all job sites constructing and maintaining a beautiful yard for your family and friends to enjoy within your budget. Don’t trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower. We are licensed and insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise.


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