You know the importance of maintenance on your property and understand how difficult it is to maintain the driveway on a regular basis. However, it is essential to know when the driveway needs to be repaved or seal-coated to ensure durability. Here are some tips to know when it is time to get the driveway repaved or just seal-coated. 

  • If the asphalt paving is cracked and rutted, looking like alligator hide (alligator cracks, as experts define it), there is no point in filling any cracks anymore, you know you need the whole driveway repaved.
  • The alligator cracks can develop if the driveway has been over-paved or filled in too many times as part of the repair work. If the large cracks are filled oftentimes in summer, they might adhere to the vehicle’s tire and get peeled off. 

It is important to call in the driveway paving specialists and let them evaluate the condition of the cracks on the driveway. They will look at the drainage system under the driveway and see if the cracks allow leakage under the base. If this is ignored, during the freezing and thawing period in the winter-spring, cracking will be accelerated. In case, there are signs of leaks or blockage in drainage mechanics, the expert will recommend complete repaving of the driveway.   

However, if there are cracks in the sealcoating, but the rest of the driveway is sound, you can do with another layer of sealcoating but if the cracks are still visible and cosmetic appeal is important, you can always opt for a new driveway. 

Maintenance for Weathered Driveways

It is best to call on an experienced contractor to get quotes stating the issues with the driveway. They would evaluate the weathering of the driveway and let you know the most cost-effective method to repair it. If it is in a very bad condition, a new asphalt driveway might be the only option. However, if the driveway only requires filling the cracks to protect it from the freeze and thaw effects, the contractor would be able to fill it and sealcoat it, to improve the functionality. You will need to estimate and budget the repairs or repaving and accordingly, the contractor will work. 

Selecting the right contractor

Additionally, don’t work with just anyone but make sure that the company that you choose to work on your driveway is locally established, experienced and licensed. There are plenty of companies that might offer low rates, but then they dilute the sealcoating or use low quality and sub-standard material for paving. This isn’t cost effective and will leave you with a more damaged driveway than before.  And there is no customer support from such contractors. Thus, before you select to work with a contractor, you need to check the quality of customer support and response to customer’s concerns.