Before you actually start watering the sod, it is essential that all of the sprinkler heads need to be marked so that each of them can be independently identified. Until all of the sod work is finished, keep the sprinkler system switched off. Additionally, if you don’t have sprinkler system, you can water the fresh sod using a hose. 

Installation and watering

On the first day, you can water the turf or the sod and check the level of water by walking over it. If your footprints are deep, the watering is enough. However, if you find that the turf is hard to walk on, it needs more water. You can water it for another 15 to 20 minutes till the adequate water level is reached. 

In the initial days, you will need to water the turf everyday if it is hot. You need to add enough water so that the sod remains soft and squishy for the first 7 days after installation.  After that oy is important that there is extreme dampness but ensure that there isn’t too much water or it gets too dry. If you see that the grass is wilting, it is a sign of dryness. 

Additionally, if you see that the sod is cracking, it is a clear indication that there is less water in the turf. If that is your observation, it is important to irrigate it more often and for a longer duration. If it is summer, the sod will need more watering but during the months of October to December, the requirement is less. 

Mowing the lawn

A couple of weeks after the installation of the turf, experts do not recommend that the lawn is mowed. Even after that it is good to avoid drastic cuts when initially you start mowing. In case you come across patches of sod that have turned brown, don’t worry as it is a normal process for the sod to acclimatize in the new surroundings.    

As part of the care tips, it is important to use a mild fertilizer on the sod in the initial few months. Ensure that no harsh chemicals are used in the first month. In the second month, deep watering can be done twice a week so that the fresh new grass grows quickly. 

Care for ryegrass

Experts are of the view that if ryegrass is seeded during the winters, it will need more water than regular sod. You will need to water three to six times a day for the grass to germinate. It is important to water it for at least a minute each time. If you are unable to care for the sod and the lawn, there are plenty of lawn maintenance services that would be happy to help.

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