Lawn Installation

Indresano Landscaping provides full-service commercial and residential landscaping services to customers living in Wellesley and the surrounding areas.  As the top-rated lawn installation service in Massachusetts, our family-owned company has provided the highest quality services and workmanship for 60 years.  Whether you’re building a new home, or the harsh winter weather has damaged your current lawn, we’re your one-stop for a new lawn and a wide range of other landscaping services on this area.

Residential Lawn Installation

When it comes to lawn installation in this area of the state, commercial and residential property owners have trusted Indresano Landscaping and their landscaping services since 1959.  We offer multiple options where the installation of a new lawn is concerned. As experienced and skilled professionals, we will work with you from the beginning of your lawn project up to and including completion and clean-up.

No matter how large or small your property is, we will find the right approach and solution that ensures your satisfaction and exceeds your expectations.  We take several factors into consideration in order to determine what the best solution for you and your property is such as your budget, timing, weather conditions, and so on.  All of our lawn installation packages typically include:

  • existing lawn removal
  • grading
  • hardscaping
  • hydroseeding
  • landscape evaluation and planning
  • plantings
  • seeding
  • sodding

We base our approachto installation projects on several factors including how much sunlight is available, soil condition, and watering habits.  However, the most successful results are attributed to choosing the best lawn installation method for your property and the proper preparation of the soil.  With Indresano Landscaping, you can have the green, healthy lawn that you’ve always wanted and at a price that will fit within your budget and time requirements.

Commercial Lawn Installation

The best way to create a good impression with customers or visitors to your commercial property is with a lush, green, healthy lawn.  The overall appearance of your property matters a great deal to different individuals including:

  • clients or customers who are searching for quality products and/or services
  • individuals who may want to lease from you or purchase your property
  • your employees

The bottom line is that a well-landscaped property is good for business and that’s exactly what you will have when you hire Indresano Landscaping lawn installation services.  We’ll be with you from start to finish, regardless of the size and extent of your project.  Furthermore, we can bring your damaged or sparse lawn back to life.

We offer 3 Installation Options

When installing lawns on commercial properties, it’s important to determine the amount of sunlight that every area of the lawn will be exposed to during the day as well as the condition of the soil and watering practices.  In order to accommodate the customer’s needs, we now offer 3 installation options:

  • Hydro-Seeding– ideal for installing a new lawn on bare ground where the depth, grade, and quality of the soil are satisfactory.  When the terrain is uneven, Indresano Landscaping will prepare the site by grading it, installing screened topsoil, and finish grading it.
  • Power-Seeding– with damaged, spotty, or thinning lawns, over-seeding may be recommended lawn installation method, provided the depth and grade of the soil are normal.  Once we have aerated the core of your lawn and any problem areas that exist, we will power-seed the property using a high-quality grass blend that is suited to your site.  Thinner lawn areas will be given a heavier application of seed.
  • Sod Installation– bluegrass sod provides your property with instant results and can easily be installed any time during the lawn growing season.  Just remember that sod demands more attention and requires consistent watering, ongoing maintenance, and plenty of sunshine.  Sod laws are not recommended for non-irrigated or shady areas.

For more information regarding lawn installation contact us today!