Effective snow management is the best way to ensure that the parking lot is cleared of snow in winters. In Massachusetts, you know how much snow can pile in a day and non-removal of snow can lead to serious accidents. With over a hundred snow storms every winter, snow removal and management are an essential service in the state. 

However, unpredictable weather can be a deterrent to knowing when you need the parking lot cleared. That is why it makes for better business sense to hire a snow removal and management company. Then you don’t need to do anything but they send out their team to clean parking lots and commercial spaces, when there is a certain amount of snow in the region. 

Advantages of snow removal and management

It is a fact that a commercial space or a parking lot that si covered in snow or ice is a hazard for both customers and employees. And if there is an accident, your business stands a chance of getting sued by the injured individuals. That is why it is better to hire snow removal professionals to clear the parking lot. They do routine maintenance and when they check the level of snow, they bring out the crew to clean it all, so that it is always safe for your customers. 

It is best to hire the snow management company early in the winters. This is important to stay prepared for harsh snowstorms. Most of these companies offer 24/7 emergency services and respond in any type of weather. Usually, they use pre-wetted salt to quickly remove the snow. This is a salt that is soaked in chemicals before the professional crew spreads it on the ice or snow. 

These chemicals are sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and liquid calcium along with others. Using the pre-wetted salt on ice and snow tends to melt it away faster, preventing accidents and slip and fall cases. Unlike any other type of salt, pre-wetted salt clings to the ice and snow particles and does not fall off, despite heavy foot traffic and high-speed vehicles. This leads to a lesser quantity of salt being used and helps save money and time. 

Additionally, pre-wetted salt can be used in any temperature and humidity levels as the chemical solution ensures that there is enough moisture to melt away the snow and ice. This helps to clear sidewalks, parking lots and other public spaces faster which is cost effective for the businesses. 

Apart from using salt, snow removal companies use truck plows, light-weight tractors, skid-steers, and heavy front-end loaders. Each one is manned by competent and licensed professionals so that everything is done as per requirement. Thus, if you are looking for a competent and cost effective yet licensed snow removal service, call us.