Flower Beds and Gardens

A commercial or residential property that’s landscaped with flower beds and gardens has so much more eye appeal than one that doesn’t.  However, it requires considerable time and effort to maintain them and keep them looking good.  On the other hand, if you neglect these areas, it will result in compacted soil, sloppy borders, weeds, and wilted or dead plants.  That just doesn’t make sense when you consider the amount of effort, money, and time you invested to begin with.

AtIndresano Landscaping, we specialize in the care and maintenance of flower beds and gardens because we realize that too many people today are just too busy to spend time on these types of outside projects.  We offer several services that can help keep these areas looking beautiful year-round such as edge definition, flower care, mulching, raking, removing debris, soil cultivation, and weed control.  When it comes to color and creative designs, we are your landscape design experts.

Do You have Commercial Property?

We offer a wide range of lawn and landscaping services for commercial properties as well as residential properties, including the care and maintenance of flower beds and gardens.  When it comes to your commercial property, our professional services can transform it from boring to beautiful.  Commercial landscaping requires knowledge, precision, and skill and that’s what Indresano Landscaping provides.  We focus our efforts on ensuring that every commercial property has year-round curb appeal.

The key to having a beautiful and healthy-looking commercial property is maintaining its curb appeal.  Our commercial landscaping specialists cater to a range of properties that includes banks, hotels and motels, schools, shopping centers and strip malls, and much more.  Our flower beds and gardens maintenance services include:

  • clearing debris
  • defining edges
  • flower care
  • raking
  • soil cultivation
  • weed control

Indresano Landscapingwill keep your commercial landscaping looking pristine year-round with regularly scheduled care and maintenance.  Our specialists will provide the intensive care you need to keep your commercial property looks perfect throughout every season of the year. And with an exceptional team of professionals, we take pride in the complements that you receive. 

Benefits of Landscaping Your Property

According to WHO (the World Health Organization), there’s more to maintaining good health than not having bad health symptoms.  It requires happiness and a few other factors such as a strong sense of community, quality of life, and positive emotions. The health benefits of having flower beds and gardens contribute to all these factors.  These benefits are listed here:

  • better heart health
  • better self-esteem
  • better sleep
  • enriched family health
  • improved hand strength
  • reduces stress

According to AARP, in addition to decorating your home with beautiful flowers, there are several health benefits of keeping flower beds and gardens for seniors as well including:

  • combats loneliness
  • decreased risk of dementia
  • enjoyable exercise
  • increased Vitamin D exposure
  • mood-boosting benefits

Indresano Landscaping has helped commercial and residential property owners with their flower bed and garden needs by providing the highest quality landscaping and lawn service solutions since 1959. And will continue to do that for years.

Landscaping and Property Values

It’s no secret that professional landscaping can increase the value of your home and property.  In fact, it not only adds immediate value, it will continue adding value in the ensuing.  While interior design concepts go in and out of style and mechanical systems wear out, flower beds and gardens tend to get fuller and grow more robust as years go by. Unlike homes without landscaping, a property that has been professionally cared for by Indresano Landscaping will have a significantly higher market value.

From Start to Finish, We do it all

When it comes to landscaping commercial and residential properties, we are the go-to company n this area of Massachusetts.  We take an integrated approach to landscaping and lawn care. This has helped us to streamline the phases of different projects and eliminate or reduce any delays that tend to plague less-experienced landscaping teams and contractors.  Furthermore, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship. For more information about our flower beds and gardens services, call Indresano Landscaping today!